September 10 is the date set for Henryetta school district voters to make a decision on buying new busses.
Superintendent Dwayne Noble said the $980,000 bond issue will replace an aging and dangerous fleet with some of the busses over 20 years old.
“It is a safety thing,” he said. “We are sending kids out across the state on busses that we worry about them getting back home. Several times we have had a bus break down while the students are in another town. That means we had to get another bus out and go after them then tow the broken bus back.”
He went on to say the cost of repairing the fleet is getting cost prohibitive. “We are spending over $40,000 a year on repairs. It is like a used car, once you start fixing it, you have to keep on repairing other parts.
During the school year, some 800 students ride busses from home to school and back.
The bond issue will replace the existing suburban vans, eight route busses, two vans and a new activity bus.
Noble said the bond issue is for transportation only and is not expected to raise property taxes since the last bond issue is retiring.
During August, Noble said he will hold several public meetings to discuss the bond issue and answer any questions about it.
The annual state-wide sales tax holiday will start Friday, Aug. 2.
That break from paying sales taxes on certain clothing and shoe merchandise will run through Aug. 4. No city, state or county sales taxes will be collected.
Retailers are required to participate in the three-day sales tax holiday and may not collect sales and use tax on sales on qualified footwear and clothing items priced less than $100 dollars.
For more information about the holiday and to find a list of exempt items, please visit
Sales of any article of clothing or footwear designed to be worn on or about the human body and the sales price of the article is less than $100 are exempt. This does not apply to the sale of any accessories, special clothing or footwear primarily designed for athletic activity or protective use that is not normally worn except when used for athletic activity or protective use, or to the rental of clothing or footwear.

A proposal to issue business licenses was brought before the Henryetta city council Tuesday night.
“This would help the city know what businesses are coming to town,” said Jill Francis, a member of the Henryetta planning and zoning board. “Right now you can just put an open sign up and there is no accountability.”
Mayor Jennifer Munholand suggested she contact the Oklahoma Municipal League to see what other communities are doing.
“We don’t want to discourage new businesses,” Francis said.
Henryetta codes do have a provision covering licensing and businesses on several occupations.
In other business Tuesday, the council gave approval to start tearing down several derelict houses in town. Those houses were first abated in March but inspections had to be made to make sure there were no problems with asbestos or other hazardous materials.
City crews will start tearing them down within the next couple of weeks.
Along that line, councilor Jana Duggan asked if the old caretaker’s house at Nichols Park could be demolished. Christy Jeffcoat suggested putting in a trailer house and letting someone live there. That idea will be put on the agenda for the August meeting.
Council members approved paying Doug Wadley $9,359.98 covering 2.5 percent of the sales taxes paid by Shoney’s Restaurant from April 1 to June 30 of this year. That money will be reimbursed by the Henryetta Economic Development Authority.
Tabled for further investigation was an agreement with Slayton Resources on mineral rights on the Nichols Park property.
Operations of the Henryetta Senior Citizens Center by Project H.E.A.R.T. was approved for another year. The Shawnee-based business has been oeprating the center for several years.
“We want to say thanks to the Sanfords for their fireworks show Saturday.
There was music on the beach during the day with people swimming, operating remote control boats and having fun.
Munholland pointed out that people were jumping off the fishing dock and reminded everyone that is prohibited. She said numerous signs have been placed stating it is not allowed but, “people steal them and tear them down.” She urged anyone seeing people jumping off the dock, driving dangerously or drinking at the lake to contact the police at 918-652-3106.
The beach house cannot be reserved,” said Munholland. “The two shelter houses are the only ones that can be reserved.”
A form for shelter house reservation will be prepared and put on the city website for people to download and bing to city hall.
Bruce Jones said he is investigating adding some other downloadable forms to the website for various city operations. He will also be looking into adding a calendar that will tell when the shelter houses are reserved.

At a special schoool board meeting Wednesday morning, Brooke Smith was hired as the vocational ag teacher for the coming year. Board members also hired Laura Morris as a special education teacher in the elementary school.
Smith is a graduate from Wilson high school and has headed up the 4-H program in the past.
Board members also approved fundraising projects by the Henryetta Quarterback club, cheerleaders booster club and PASA for a caberet to be held later this year.

Saturday was a day for family fun at Nichols Park. By the time the day ended, over 2,000 people filled the park enjoying the fireworks, swimming, splashing, fishing and even racing RC boats on the lake. provided music and a number of drawings for gifts from Shoney's Anytime Fitness, First Family Federal Credit Union, American Exchange Bank, McDonald's and Sonic. The annual Highway 62 Fireworks display was the highlight of the event, filling the sky with color and noise for nearly an hour.