James Cox carries Henryetta school board vote in Tuesday election

Preliminary numbers indicate James Cox will take the Henryetta school board seat without a runoff election.
Cox had a total of 257 votes in the local precincts as well as absentee and early voting. he only failed to get a majority in one precinct, that in Dewar.
Incumbent Tara Matthews had 74 and Laurie Smallwood had 63 total votes.
A total of 394 votes were cast in the election. The votes will be certified Friday.
Precinct by percent breakdown:

Methodist Church St. Michaels American
Dewar Absentee Early
Cox 43 86 30 57 20 3 10 8 257
Matthews 10 29 7 9 4 8 7 0 74
Smallwood 11 16 9 10 10 1 4 2 63

Other election results:

Election results for Okmulgee County school and city races:
Beggs School Board: No one got a majority so there will be a runoff between the top two.
Michael Siegenthaler, 76
David McCoy, 49
O.G. Corky Thompson, 29

Okmulgee Ward 1 City Council:
Everett O. Horn, 339
David Rogers, 235

Green Country Tech Center
Kenneth LeBlanc, 949
Jackson L. Barnett, 401

Morris School Board
Shanna Nunley, 144
Lori L. Kellner, 111
John Powell, 22

Okmulgee School Board Office 4
Rod W. Wiemer, 358
Nancy Mason, 216

Okmulgee School Board Office 2
Marcus D. Jeffrey, 318
Brian Berryman, 138
David Rogers, 102

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