The scam artists have hit Henryetta.
police carOne business was called recently and told that their electric service was about to be cut off unless they got a prepaid card.
The store owners reported to Henryetta police they did make the payment but then contacted PSO to make sure they would not lose electricity. That’s when they found out they had been taken for several hundred dollars.
Another fake phone call came when a different store was told their corporate office needed the day’s receipts sent in the form of a prepaid card.
That was identical to a scam at Sand Springs about two days before. In that case, a person claimed to be with the FBI and was investigating the district manager.
The Henryetta case ended with no money being taken.  
“People need to realize that, if they fall for one of these scams, their money is usually gone for good,” said police chief Steve Norman.
“Anytime a person is told to get a prepaid card to cover a bill should raise a red flag.”
PSO officials say they never ask customers to use the prepaid debit cards.
Local PSO manager Lyle Stogner said if a person is called, they should immediately call 1-888-216-3523. “We have a PSO employee that will tell you if we have tried to call.”
“These people keep coming up with new ways to get money from our residents,” the police chief said. “We urge everyone to regard such calls with caution and do some investigating first.”
He said a number of people are reporting emails claiming they are the recipients of large amounts of money from lotteries, overseas distributions and more.
“If you get these emails, do not give out any personal information. Delete those emails immediately,” Norman said.