Misty Sweeney officially became a member of the Henryetta school board Monday night. She took the oath of office at the start of the July board meeting filling the unexpired term on seat 5 that was vacated by Jeannie Duncan.new board member
Her introduction to school business included a 40-minute long executive session that wound up hiring two teachers for the first and third grades. Tamara Cashman and Aaron Heck will be heading up those grades. Cashman will be in the first grade and Heck take the third grade. A decision on teachers for fourth and fifth grades as well as a vo-ag instructor were tabled.
Board members were told the old kitchen equipment at the elementary cafeteria has been removed with new equipment scheduled to arrive later this month. Superintendent Dwayne Noble said the old equipment is outdated and, in some cases, parts no longer available.
Maintenance director Harold Fox told the board he is working with Okmulgee County commissioners on a plan to resurface the road from behind the high school to the intersection with Warren Road. No date was given for that work to start.
Noble said the new fiscal year has started and he is”optimistic” about more money available from the state. This year the state is going to provide funding for the agriculture program. Funds for that fledgling program has been paid by Henryetta school for the past two years.