As the Christmas shopping season draws closer, the Henryetta Chamber of Commerce is urging everyone to shop local
“Small rural communities experience what is known as retail leakage or simply put, locals spend money out of town or online,” said chamber executive director Roy Madden. “When this occurs, the dollars spent supports that specific community or online businesses and not the town they call home and depend on for services.  In turn, the home community suffers from the lack of tax revenue to support the city’s basic functions; quality of life programs are stressed, jobs are lost, local business cannot expand products/services offerings, property values decrease, the workforce is diminished, and the overall ability of the community to attract new businesses declines.”
He said there are some misconceptions about funding sources for the city and chamber.
“Did you know? The City of Henryetta is not funded by the state or federal government; it is funded by sales tax revenue and water/sewage fees! Did you know? That cities in Oklahoma, unlike other states, do not receive a penny of your property taxes! Did you know? That the Chamber of Commerce does not receive any portion of your tax dollar; it is funded via our business members! If Henryettans expect improvements in the community, as they rightfully should, community loyalty must occur.
“The Chamber also realizes that the city government must manage tax revenue properly and that Henryetta based businesses have a responsibility to reinvest in the community, provide quality products/services, and establish operating hours that meet their customer’s needs. 
“If residents, businesses, and city government work together, Henryetta can prosper and fulfill the expectation levels of the community. 
“As we experience greater challenges with more out-of-town and online shopping, we encourage residence to think twice when they spend their money – you can make a positive difference in your community; but it requires investing in your local businesses at every opportunity. Just ask yourself; when was the last time Lowe’s Home Improvement Store, SAMS Club, or sponsored a school program or donated to other community programs.
“In fact, your Henryetta businesses not only financially contribute to local programs they actually volunteer their time and expertise to work or organize many events. “Your Chamber of Commerce fully understands the desire for that occasional out of town shopping trip or the need to purchase an online item; we just want you to give your local businesses the first opportunity to serve your daily needs as it directly benefits the community,” Madden said.