After a one month decline, the Henryetta sales tax check from the state was an improvement over last year.
The November sales tax return this year amounted to $236,633.23, a gain of $4,300 from the November 2018 check. It also represented the ninth increase in 2019. Declines were shown in July and October.
At the same time, the use tax return continued to be better than last year. This November, the city received $25,740 compared to $19,921 a year ago.
The sales tax return to Okmulgee County was up slightly, $368,109.90 this year compared to $364,819.82 a year ago.
Dewar had a slight loss for the month, down $397 with a check this month for $10,471 compared to $10,869 a year ago.
Around the area, Okemah received $100,271 for a $5,000 increase; the city of Okmulgee had an increase from $504,235 to $513,131; Weleetka was up over $2,000 with a check for $17,669.
Statewide, the disbursement of $155,875,478 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $5,593,522 from the $150,281,956 distributed to the cities and towns in November last year. The use tax disbursement to cities and towns was $21,253,925.