The December sales tax check from the state set a new calendar year record for Henryetta.
This month the town received $232,750.76, an increase of $8,774 over last year and ended the January through December receipts at $2,816,203. That is $103,811 above last year and is a new ten-year record.
Coming in at $276,199, the city’s use tax receipts for the calendar year also was a new record beating out the $192,396 set last year. In December, the town received $26,680, well above the $21,093 last December.
During December, the Okmulgee city collections were down to $541,429 compared to $544,459 last year.
Gains in sales tax revenues were also posted by Dewar, $10,820, up from the $9,985 a year ago; Morris, $26,253 compared to $22,925 last year; Beggs, $33,389 compared to $32,214; Weleetka, $16,624 compared to $12,977.
Okemah showed a light loss with $97,789, down from the $98,492 received in 2018.
The taxable period represented sales from October 16 to October 31 and estimated sales from November 1 to November 15.
Statewide, the disbursement of $159,479,589 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $6,094,817 from the $153,384,772

sales tax graph