Just over three years ago residents of the Weleetka, Graham and Dustin areas found themselves without an ambulance service close by.
Service started Dec. 19, 2016 but now that service is back with the opening the Weleetka Graham EMS.
An official ribbon cutting ceremony and open house was held Tuesday afternoon in Weleetka marking the return. The service was granted a license by the state Jan. 10 and started operations three days later.
During the past weeks the building housing the service was completely remodeled and, its location on Weleetka’s Main Street makes it a daily visual reminder of the new ambulance operation.
Weleetkan Joe Williams worked with state officials and found new equipment and an ambulance to open the facility at 101 East 9th in Weleetka.
He told the group at the open house that the service will be available 24/7 and can be reached through 9-1-1.
The service is operated with a board of directors. Terri Burden is the president; Joyce Burden vice-president, Shannon Frair, treasurer and Melinda Wynn and Bobbie Sue Joslin are members.
Julia Gates is the ambulance director. Both she and Williams are paramedics.
Williams said the ambulance service has a outlined plan of public programs like public CPR training, Stop the Bleed for the local school systems, Emergency Responder training, Basic EMT classes, Membership program, even doing long distance transfers and expanding to other areas that has asked for assistance, housing two ambulance in Weleetka, and starting a county wide Emergency Response Agency.