Henryetta will again be hosting the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) race this year.
Approval was given by the city council to allow the races to be conducted at Nichols Park. This marks the third time the vintage motorcycle organization will be coming to town.
Some 500 racers participated in the event last September with riders from coast to coast as well as several from overseas. The Parkers donated $1,700 back to the city for the use of the park.
Organized by Trampas and Sherri Parker, the event will be held Nov. 6 through 8. Council members also approved the use of the civic center for an awards banquet following the races.
“We are the last race of the AHRMA series and it will be double points with a banquet Sunday night. For the year end point champions,” Parker said. “We are excited for more people to be here.”
Nichols Park will also be the site for a disc golf tournament April 26. Joshua Craig was given approval to use the beach house for that tournament.
Council members appointed Shane Smith to the Board of Adjustments. 
Also getting approval during the meeting was spending $3,374 for advertising in the annual Okmulgee County Focus magazine.
The council gave approval to the Housing Authority for a waiver of accrued payment in lieu of taxes totaling $9,266.58 for the fiscal year.
Jamie Bailey asked the council for help with trash and debris around her neighborhood on Smith Street.
“I have lived here 22 years. My neighborhood is terrible,” she said.
Bailey said there are problems with people using vacant houses that have no utilities as well as junk in yards and disabled vehicles.
She has put up security cameras and claimed she was threatened by people about those cameras.
“I’m in fear of my life and was told that there is nothing they (police) could do,” she said.
Bailey said she has talked to the police as well as code enforcement officer Jody Agee.
Police chief Steve Norman said she could file a criminal trespass charge against the people.
“We have had a lot of problems that house in the past,” he said.
He went on to say problems have been amplified by the passage of House Bill 780 that made all drugs misdemeanors. “People didn’t know what they were voting on,” he said.
“There are several houses on that street where people are taking care of them then you will see a house that, in my or your opinion is a dump,” he added.
“We’ve been abating properties,” Jennifer Munholland said. She said get with the police and Agee to see what can be done.
“There’s lots of code violations,” she said.