Two retirements were accepted and a third announced at the February Henryetta school board meeting Monday night.
Brenda Dodson and Gwendolyn Harned submitted their letters of resignation announcing they will be retiring at the end of school this year. Board members were able to accept those letters. High school teacher Brian Grabman announced his retirement intentions but, since his letter was received too late to be included on the agenda, no action could be taken.
Board members rehired elementary, middle and high school principals following a 30-minute executive session. Retaining their positions were Jayme Matlock, elementary principal, Roger Williams, assistant elementary principal, Brad Wion middle school principal and Kelly Furer high school principal.
Also brought back for the 2020-2021 school year were central office staff members Stacy Been, Rick Enis, Tammie Fairres, Judy Varner, Harold Fox and Bertha McGowin.
The spate of snow last week forced the board to make a change in the remaining school day and hours plans for the rest of the year. Superintendent Dwayne Noble said those two days were covered but, “if we miss any more we will have to make op those days.
Board members approved fund-raising plans for the elementary library, quarterback club and ag class.
Patrick Turner told the board the newly-established mock trial team held their first competition recnetly in Tulsa.
He explained the students were competing in the novice division and finished in second place.
At the end of each round of competition, the best attorney and best witness for the teams are named. Henryetta had Leah Howton named best attorney three times, Tamara Smith named best attorney twice and Sky Moldonado named best witness four times.
“We hope to recruit more kids next year and would like to have more than one team,” Turner said.