The news that Henryetta schools will receive around $186,000 in stimulus money came at a great time for superintendent Dwayne Noble Monday.
Reporting to the school board at the May 11 meeting, Noble said even though the district is in good financial shape this year, there could be problems looming ahead.
He is predicting the Henryetta school district can be looking at four to six percent cuts in state money. That will amount to around $186,000.
The arrival of stimulus money will eat up that predicted loss and give the district around $60,000 to act as a buffer. “Our carryover will be bigger than it was last year because of this,” he said.
Board members will be meeting later this month to rehire certified staff members and Noble said all teachers should be hired again for the 2020-2021 year.
It is the following school year that has him concerned.
“If the cuts come like we are predicting, we will have to be aware there are some tough times coming then,” he said.
To offset the projected lost revenue Noble said the district will have to look at all possible way to save money. That will be helped by the installation of LED lighting throughout the district. The revamping of lights as well as some other upgrades is expected to give some $6,000 in utility savings. The new buses are expected to save the district money in repair bills as well as other repairs that have been made in the buildings.
“We are not going to be hurting like a lot of other schools. It will take the economy a long time to bounce back.”
Noble told the board the insurance company is expected to reimburse the school some $21,000 for lost revenue due to the gymnasium being unusable for the winter sports.
that influx of money is expected to help the football program get started with the equipment needed. “We would have been going into the football season on a shoestring without it,” he pointed out. The money from the football tickets as well as concessions will also be used to help defray expenses in other sports programs.
The new gym is nearly ready for use again. Noble said there is some cleanup work that has to be done as well as replacing a warped door and refinishing the gym [laying floor. The basketball court will have to be resurfaced since a number of bubbles have been found in the varnish covering it.
In other business, board members accepted the resignation of cafeteria worker Jennifer Lone.