While a number of communities across the state showed a drop in sales tax revenue, Henryetta posted an increase in June.
The Tax Commission check to Henryetta amounted to $247,226, up $2,232 from a year ago. That put the fiscal year earnings to $2,850,193 compared to $2,804,273 for the prior fiscal year.
At the same time, the Henryetta share of use taxes amounted to $25,254, compared to $17,218 last year.
Around the county, Dewar received $10,698, down by half from the previous year; the Okmulgee city check was $561,924, an increase of $42,090; Okemah received 112,150 for an $11,000 gain; the check to Morris was $20,415, a drop from $22,925 last year; Weleetka’s check for $15,166 was $3,300 less than last year.
Statewide, the June distribution of $142,331,436 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected a decrease of $15,847,250 from the $158,178,686 distributed to the cities and towns in June last year.
Those reports are primarily based on local tax receipts from April business.