Saturday night's storms are still leaving their mark on Henryetta and the area. The high winds took down a number of tree limbs and even uprooted several trees.
treeLightning, coupled with winds whipping power lines together knocked out electrical service for some 2,000 households during the evening. It took PSO crews nearly four hours to restore service to most of the area. Residents throughout the county found themselves also without electrical service as East Central Electric linemen worked throughout the weekend to repair the damage.
The lightning also destroyed a number of trees around the area including one at Nichols Park. That bolt from the clouds scattered bark across the roadway and shattered one of the two larbe sections of trunk.
The storm was a fiting end of the evening's fireworks that were heldat Nichols Park. Highway 62 Fireworks crews had just wrapped up the show that delighted nearly 2,000 spectators who filled the park during the evening.
Wind was also said to have been responsible for ripping off the roof of the concession stand at the football field. No one was inside the building at the time since graduation ceremonies had been completed about 45 minutes before the storm hit.roof
The concession stand also was the scene of a burglary that same night. Intruders pried open one of the service windows and entered the building. Their search was in vain since only a couple of canned items remained in locked counters. The burglars did take the security cameras, computer and hard drive designed to record such activities. That security system had been purchased by the Henryetta Little Knight football league at a cost of over $400.