Veterans were the honorees Friday as Congressman MarkWayne Mullin hosted his Veterans Information Days meeting in Okmulgee.
Mullin was the principal speaker at the Okmulgee community center but the room also had representatives from the Veterans Administration, Disabled American Veterans as well as OSUIT and others all ready to help veterans with problems and issues.
Chief on the minds of the veterans was the Thursday murders of four Marines in Tennessee.
When asked about the issue with radical Islam, Mullin pointed the finger at President Obama saying his first responsibility, "was to us. But he is making policy through politics."
He said the president ended the war on terrorism but he, "doesn't want to admit there is terror." He went on to say," if everything is looking equal, you have got to call a duck a duck."
He said  he would rather the terrorists stay in their own area. "But when they make threats then carry through with them, that's a whole other can of worms." He said the president, "has continually shown a lack of leadership in that area."    
Answering questions about arming military personnel at the various offices off a military base, Mullin said that he doesn't like the idea they can't carry arms, "but there are a lot of working parts." He explained there is a, "fine line between the military and law enforcement."
A member of the National Guard spoke up saying he understands the issue, but pointed out that people who are authorized with Carry Conceal permits are prohibited from carrying firearms by regulations.
He asked if there is something that could be done through the Patriots Protection Act.
Mullin pointed out that needs to come through the Department of Defense. He agreed that military personnel should have the right to protect themselves but the issue is outside the legislative branch.
Opening up the meeting, Mullin recognized veterans who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Video of the entire meeting can be seen here.