Senior Softball Coach Rodrigo Barcenas
Caprice Graham is the daughter of Ted and Nadine Graham, the granddaughter of Joanne and Terry Fletcher and Fran and Rudy Garcia. She is the sibling to Kacey, Jessica, and Charee Graham. Her activities include fast pitch 3 years, slow pitch 4 years, swimming 4 years, track 3 years, and cross country 3 years.
Charee Graham is the daughter of Ted and Nadine Graham, the granddaughter of Joanne and Terry Fletcher and Fran and Rudy Garcia. She is the sibling to Kacey, Jessica, and Caprice Graham. Her activities are fast pitch, slow pitch, swimming, National Honor Society and a member of the First United Methodist Youth Group.

Softball and Band Band Director Alan Montogomery
Rachel Ann Montgomery is the daughter of Alan and Dana Montgomery, the granddaughter of Betty and the late Carl Montgomery and the late Richard and Dolores Woods, and the sibling to Jared. Her activities include softball 2 years, band 8 years, color guard captain 5 years, tennis 4 years, cross country 1 year and basketball 1 year.
Elizabeth Marie Denton is the daughter of Yolanda Denton, the granddaughter of Donald and Linda Denton, the sibling to Jennifer, Emily, Anabelle, and Chris, niece of Tiffany Hernandez and Terry and Starla Bush and Javier Hernandez, and the cousin of Ariana, Keith, Terry JR., and Ashley. Her activities include Fast Pitch 3 years, Slow Pitch 2 years and Band 4 years.

Band and Color Guard Seniors
Chip Cole is the son of Tim and Janette Cole, the grandson of Ken and Wanita Willard and Leroy and Janette Cole, and the sibling to Ellianna. He is in Band, Youth Alive, and member of his church youth group.
McGregor Alan Morris is the son of Randy Morris and Leona Hill and the grandson of MaryBeth and Dennis Morris. His ctivities include band for 8 years and jazz band 3 years.
Brandon Cecil is the son of Brad and Terra Cecil, the grandson of Daniel and Gale Cecil and Randy and Minnie Pixler, and the sibling to Daniel, Corey and Elycia. His activities include Band for 3 years, 4-H 13 years, Skills USA 2 years, FCCLA 3 years.
Sierra Fretz is the daughter of Kim and Mark Fields and Jim and Marcia Fretz, the granddaughter of Cyndi Fretz and Nanny Betty, and the sibling to Andrea, Eric, and Lauren. She has been in Band for 7 years, Jazz Band 2 years, Upward Bound 3 years and Student Council 2 years.
Trinity Rocha is the daughter of Sonya Dudley and Kenny Rocha. She is the granddaughter of Nana Diana, Papa Larry, Nana Cindy and the late Papa Don and the sibling to Maci, Logan and Harlie. Her activities include Color Guard for 4 years, State Officer for Skills USA, Carpentry Student at Green Country, National Honor Society, Upward Bound, and serving at her church, LifeWay Henryetta on the tech team and host team.
Jacob Lee Cantrell is the son of Jarred and Angel Ellis and the sibling to Avalynn and Brighton. His activities include Band since 5th grade and playing card games.
Brianna Foster is the daughter of Brad and Leela Foster, the granddaughter of Elaine and sonny Foster, Robert and Tennie Polson, and Johnny Einert, and the sibling to Hunter and Caveryn. She has been a member of Band 8 years and Choir 6 years.

Senior Cheerleader and Band Cheer coach Tracey Sontag
Jaycee Barton is the daughter of Michael and Tricia Barton, the granddaughter of Jodie and Joanna Watson and Mike and Virginia Barton, and the sibling to Krista, Trae and Natalie. Her activities include Color Guard 5 years, Band 7 years, Cheer 6 years, FCCLA 4 years, Student Council 4 years, National Honor Society 2 years.
Patience Whitlock is the daughter of Greg and Winter Whitlock, the granddaughter of Frank and Katherine Shurden , Ed and Chiquita Hancock and Bob and Asteria Whitlock. She is the sibling to logan and Isaac. She has been a cheerleader 6 years.
Lilly Grace Rainwater is the daughter of Steve and Bobbi Rainwater, the granddaughter of Denny Thomas and June Bug, the sibling to Ginny, Ally, Olivia and the late Shawn. Her activities include Cheerleading 4 years, Softballl year, Track 1 year and FCClA 1 year.

Football Seniors Coach Darin Johnson
Brice Sanford is the son of Brandon and Shyrel Sanford, the grandson of Virginia Glass, Melvin Blondell and the late Gerald and Barbara Sanford. His activities are Football 4 years, Weightlifting 4 years, baseball 1 year and the fishing team.
Kyle Tarkington is the son of Shawn and Jentry Pye, the grandson of Rick and Mona Tarkington, Richard and Mary Ruiz, and Gerry and Pat St. George. He is the sibling to Matthew, Brandon and Jacob. His activities include Football, weightlifting, hunting and fishing.
Rhett Williams is the son of Greg and Tara Williams, the grandson of Ray and the late Patsy Davis, and the late Tom and Joyce Barker. He is the sibling to Colt and Bridget. His activities are Football 4 years, Powerlifting 4 years and Golf 4 years.
Walker Kinslow is the son of Mellissa Henry and Thomas Kinslow, the grandson of Dean and Betty Shepherd, and the sibling to Payton, Kolby and Braiden. His activities are Football and Powerlifting.
Jesse Henderson is the son of James and Shelonia Henderson and the sibling to Gabi. His activities are Football, Basketball, Cricket and Frisbee.
Blake Van Meter is the son of Michael and Amber Woods, grandson of Steve Van Meter, Jerry and Glenda Page, and Charles and Cindy Woods. He is the sibling of Teliya and Mersadie. His activities include Football and Powerlifting.
Tanner Dodge is the son of Steve and Kali Dodge, grandson of Denny and LaDonna Dodge, Eugene and Carolina Cheatwood, and Karen Boatright. He is the sibling to Abbi. His activities include football, team roping, fishing, and deer and duck hunting.
Darious Tiger is the son of Melissa Tiger. His activities include Football and Basketball.
Brannon Murphy is the son of Willie and Angie Murphy and the sibling to Brody, Aleia and Brayden. His activities include Football, Weightlifting and Baseball.
Leah Delacal is the daughter of Jonathan and Regina Doyle, granddaughter of Sue Howell, and the sibling to Drake, Sebastian, Jeremy and Alec. Her activities include, Football Trainer for 3 years, Siowpitch 3 years and FCCLA 3 years.
Zoe Benton is the daughter of Dustin Benton, granddaughter of Tommy and Roberta Clinton, and the sibling to Sheldon and Jonas. She has been a football trainer for 3 years and played slow pitch 3 years.
Veenee Patel is the daughter of Raj-kumar and Naina Patel, the sibling to 3 older sisters and the cousin of former Oklahoma State Tennis Champion
Vivek Patel. She is a Football Trainer and member of National Honor Society.
Zoey Wheeler is the daughter of Brandon Wheeler and Jawanna Wheeler, the granddaughter of Norma and Dan Artussee, Jake and Rita Nunn, and Jim and Donna Wheeler. She is the sibling to Zane. Her activities include being a football trainer for 2 years, Track 1 year, FCCLA 2 years, and National Honor Society 2 years.

Cross Country Seniors Coach Tim Gillispie
Mya Powders is the daughter of Shane and Melissa Floyd, the granddaughter of Gary George and Anita Wilson and Mike and Janie Andrews, and the sibling of Zach and Riley. Her activities are Cross Country 4 years and Track 6 years.
Holly Stuart is the daughter of Brandy Cunningham, the granddaughter of Dale and Joan Dickey, and the sibling to Bryce and Gabrielle. Her activities include Cross Country 4 years, Track 4 years, STUCO 4 years, NHS 2 years, and she is a member of the Henryetta Church of Christ Youth Group.