The 2016 Christmas season officially kicked off in Henryetta Thursday evening with residents shopping for bargains.
Walmart saw the store fill up and all shopping baskets ready for filling.
walmart tnThe sale went smoothly at first but one person decided to try and take an additional savings. That individual was arrested on charges of shoplifting when he attempted to grab some electronics merchandise stacked at the door.
Around the area, the scene was much the same. A number of shoppers went to the large department stores with sales circulars in hand.
Henryetta city officials are hoping the shopping enthusiasm continues and generates more sales tax for the community.
According to the state tax commission, Henryetta had another increase in sales tax monies generated two months ago.
A total of $223,031.36 was returned to the town in November, representing the seventh gain in revenue for the past 11 months. That was a gain of $21,484 from a year ago.
So far this year, the city has gained just over $100,000 in sales tax revenue from the 2015 calendar year.