The final Henryetta sales tax check for 2016 was down from last year but the yearly total showed a healthy gain.
According to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, Henryetta received $202,566.90 in December, a drop of $101,794 from the same month a year ago. For the calendar year from January through December, Henryetta had an increase in sales tax receipts, up $41,303 from the same period a year ago.
That increase was boosted by a significant gain in use tax receipts. After receiving $18,370 from the state in use tax in December, Henryetta had a total of $167,677.20. That was a gain of $51,311.32 from the previous year.
While Henryetta city leaders were happy over the revenues, Okmulgee officials were facing a $215,567 decline in total revenue during the year. This month, Okmulgee sales tax receipts amounted to $476,837, a drop of $58,242 from December a year ago.
By contrast, The Okmulgee County share of sales taxes for the year was up over $119,698 compared to 2015 totals.