Henryetta council members approved a resolution calling for a city election April 2.
Tuesday night, the council said the election will be for the Ward 3 and Ward 4 positions as well as the Council Member At Large post.
Currently Janna Dugan is representing Ward 3, Jennifer Clason is Ward 4 and Ronnie Duke is the council member at large.
Filing for those seats will begin Feb. 6 and end Feb. 8. Only residents of wards 3 and 4 can file for those council seats. The at large seat is open of all residents of Henryetta.
The city council also waived the rental fee for a free Christmas dinner to be held Dec. 22.
Local resident Tristan Demmit made the request Tuesday night saying the dinner is open to the public and will include live music. “The doors will open at 6 and we will serve food at 6:30,” he said. A number of individuals and businesses have donated food, including turkeys and hams for the dinner.

“So many people are struggling,” he said. “If this is one time we can come together on level ground and offer a helping hand, we want to do it.”
In other business, the council received the audit report from Arledge and Associates.
Andy Cromer said the audit is not a financial audit but is separate from that. Crawford and Associates provides the financial audit to the city.
“I don’t know if there is anything special in here,” he said. “There is nothing in there that the city needs to be aware of.”
Following the opening of the new kindergarten building at Henryetta schools, council members approved closing 17th Street. “They have to bring the kindergarten students to the elementary building several times a day,” said Clason. School employees will be placing cones in the street when those students need to cross.
The council approved a $125 one-time payment to city employees in December.
Also getting approval was joining the Okmulgee County Emergency Management in the CodeRED alert information system.
A request by motel owner Zack Patel to form a tourism committee was approved.
Following an executive session, the council announced Donna White and Clason would be involved in future negotiations with the Fraternal Order of Police. City attorney John Insabella was designated as the person to handle negotiations over property at the Shurden-Leist industrial site.