Ten days after a fatal shooting in Okmulgee, law enforcement officers are still trying to the killer of a woman.
Police chief Joe Prentice said it was first thought the victim, Kimberly Lyons-anderson, had been shot with a .40 caliber weapon. “During the processing of the crime scene, investigators discovered numerous spent .40 caliber shell casings in close proximity to the American Legion Hut where Mrs. Anderson died,” the chief said. An autopsy revealed that the fatal bullet was not a .40 caliber now leading officers to believe two people were shooting that night.
“To date we have conducted approximately 50 interviews and have yet to identify a single person who witnessed the actual shooting,” Prentice said Tuesday. “It is my belief that someone we have interviewed already witnessed the shooting and are either afraid or unwilling to come forward and tell investigators what they know. We still do not believe that Mrs. Anderson was the intended target. Rather that she found herself in the line of fire. We have received information reportedly from rumors circulating within the community but no first hand information.”
He said anyone information should contact Okmulgee Police at 918-756-3511.