“We are on the threshold of some good things.”
That was the theme of a talk by Vernon Britt to Henryetta Rotary Club members Wednesday.
arrowheadBritt is spearheading an effort to restore Nichols Park back to it’s former glory. He has organized a committee that has been cleaning, paining and even removing brush and debris around the old bath house.
“We have got a lot done but there is a lot to do.”
To accomplish some of that work, he has been seeking support from the community in donated materials and even money. Several donation jars have been placed in businesses around town. That money is kept in a special Nichols Park fund.
Britt told the Rotarians the entry gates have been repainted, graffiti on the bathhouse walls covered up and even a stone cut into the shape of a seven-foot arrowhead remortared. “We are not even halfway done with it.”
The bath house sits at the bottom of a hill accessed by stone steps. Britt said he is working with the riding club to construct rose-covered arches that would shade those steps.
At the top of the hill is a sandstone monument marking the Chitto Harjo (Crazy Snake) rebellon. Originally erected in 1942, the monument has drawn the attention of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. A group within the tribe has been approached to help restore the historical monument.
“There’s a lot to be done but the city doesn’t have the funds to do it.”
Britt said he is hoping by making the improvements at the park, more people will start using it. That would add to the security of the area.
“It would be a shame to do all this work and somebody go out and trash it in one night. The more involved the community is the more it will be protected.”
The project has a Facebook page that is providing updates on the work as well as gving credit to those who are involved. "We have had thousands of hits on it."