new sign

Two Henryetta teens are going to remember the start of the 2017 summer season for many years after a painful visit to Nichols Park Thursday.
The two were seriously injured while swimming around the fishing dock. Both sliced open their legs requiring over 20 stitches to close the wounds.
According to one mother, her son was trying to climb up onto the dock when he cut his leg.
Henryetta public works director Ron Casey said he has been called several times about swimmers using the dock as a diving platform.
“We have put up signs in the past but the kids keep ripping them down,” he said Thursday morning.
By Thursday afternoon, another sign was in place and plans call for a sturdier warning sign to be installed in coming days.
“I’m going to weld a sheet metal sign onto a post and put it at the start of the walkway going to the dock,” Casey said.
He reminded parents and children that they swim and play at the beach area at their own risk since there are no lifeguards on duty.
yogaThe city rehabilitated the swim area last year removing weeds and bringing in new sand. Since then it has become a popular place for young and old. Now that summer hea is building up, more and more people are spending long hours enjoying the water. Some even arrive early in the day to exercise and do yoga.
“We want people to come to the park and have fun,” Casey said. “At the same time, they need to use some common sense and not be in dangerous situations.” He also encouraged visitors to pick up their trash when they leave and not bring glass bottles or containers to the swim area.