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Henryetta's tumblers kept taking the top of the winner's podium Saturday as they garnered 15 first place wins at competition in Mustang.
Those winning included:
Marli Richmond: 1st novice double mini and 1st on novice Trampoline
Coleton McElhannon: 1st Novice Trampoline, 1st Novice Double Mini and 1st sub-novice floor and overall level champion for novice Trampoline
Haley Glass: 1st Sub -Advanced Double Mini, 2nd sub-Advanced Trampoline
Alayna Fixico: 2nd Novice double
Mini, 2nd Novice Trampoline, 3rd sub-Novice floor
Konner Hayes: 1st Beginner Double Mini & 1st Novice Trampoline
Emma Harrison: 3rd Intermediate double mini, 1st sub-Novice floor, 3rd Novice trampoline
Alexa Casey: 2nd beginner Double Mini and Beginner Trampoline
Briley Cagle: 1st on Intermediate Double Mini, 1st Intermediate Tramp, 2nd novice Floor
Veronica Ramsey: 2nd Intermediate double mini, 2nd Intermediate trampoline and 1st sub-Novice floor
Wyatte Roller: 1st sub-advanced double mini, 1st sub-Novice floor and 2nd Trampoline
Ariana Hernandez: 2nd Beginner Trampoline and 3rd Beginner Double Mini
Rachael Dunn: 1st and Overall level champion on adv-Beginner Floor, 1st novice Trampoline
Melanie Colwill: 1st Intermediate double mini and 1st Intermediate Trampoline, and 2nd sub-Novice floor
Caleb Colwill: 1st Beginner Trampoline and 2nd Beginner Double mini
Carmun Scott: 3rd Beginner double mini and 2nd Beginner trampoline
Raynee Howell: 1st Intermediate double mini, 1st Intermediate trampoline, 4th novice floor and Overall Intermediate level champion on double mini and trampoline
Lanie Guynes: 2nd Intermediate double mini, 2nd Intermediate trampoline and 4th sub-Novice floor
Nacona Buchanan: 2nd Novice double mini, 3rd sub-Novice Floor and 4th Novice Trampoline
Alexis Thompson: 2nd Intermediate double mini, 4th sub-Novice floor
Zhoie Fraser: 1st sub-Novice floor, 2nd Intermediate trampoline and 3rd Intermediate Double Mini
Memphis Black: 1st Intermediate floor and 1st sub-advanced Double Mini
Laura Duke: 1st sub-Beginner floor and overall level champion, 3rd Beginner double mini and 3rd Beginner trampoline
Amelia Moyer: 1st Novice Trampoline and 1st Novice double mini
Paidan Farrow: 2nd Beginner Double Mini and 2nd Beginner trampoline
Brailey Fogle: 1st Novice floor and overall level champion, 3rd Intermediate trampoline and 4th Intermediate double mini
Adalee Ward: 1st Beginner Double Mini and 1st Beginner Trampoline
Lilly Mooney: 1st sub-Novice floor, 1st Intermediate double mini, 1st Intermediate trampoline