Bow hunting and archery are two sports that a lot of area residents enjoy.
To make the sport appealing to more people, the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge will be hosting a monthly archery program starting March 10.
Set at the refuge east of Schulter, the free programs will run from 1 to 3 p.m..
“All ages and experience levels are invited to learn basic archery skills, bowhunting, and bowfishing,” said supervisory Wildlife Refuge Specialist Catherine Bell. “We will furnish equipment for those who need it.”
Each month, specialists will be covering specific topics. They include:
March 10 - Explore Archery (Basic Instruction - range safety, fundamentals)
April 7 - Explore Archery (games, skills development)
May 5 - Explore Archery (introduce crossbow and recurve)
June 9 - Explore Bowhunting (fundamentals, how it relates to conservation)
July 14- Explore Bowhunting
August 11 - Explore Bowfishing (fundamentals, games)
September 8 - Explore Bowhunting/Bowfishing 3-D range and bowfishing pond set up at Montezuma Creek.
Anyone wishing more information should contact the refuge at (918) 652-0456 or see their Facebook page at Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge.