A sentence of life in prison was handed down to Willie Vern Frazier, jr., this week in Okmulgee.
frazierFrazier, 47, was convicted of DUI-Drugs, Transporting a Loaded Firearm, Carrying a Firearm under the Influence of Intoxicants, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Controlled Drugs (Hydrocodone and Methamphetamine) and Possession of a Firearm after Prior Felony Conviction, two or more prior felonies.
“The Defendant’s criminal history established that he had a quarter of a century long pattern of committing drug and weapons crimes. This conviction for Possession of a Firearm after Former Felony Conviction is the third time he has been convicted of that crime since 1990” said district attorney Rob Barris. “He clearly is a person who unlawfully possesses firearms which constitutes a danger to the public.”
Frazier has been in prison a dozen times on various felony charges ranging from unauthorized use of a vehicle to drugs and carrying a firearm. Those convictions date back to 1991.
He was arrested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol in Okmulgee County Dec. 17, 2016. His trial lasted three days.