The annual Henryetta Rotary Club Little Olympics is moving into its third decade now.
"I moved here over 20 years ago and the Rotary club was wanting to do something for the town," said project organizer Dr. Jay LaValley. "We had this going in Holdenville so I brought up the idea and everyone decided to do it."
The Little Olympics that features running, relay race, throwing and kicking events has since provided entertainment for several thousand youngsters and now those children are bringing their children to participate.
"The administration and teachers at Henryetta elementary have really got on board with this project," LaValley said. "Now they bring their entire classrooms and have fun for an afternoon. We really couldn't have continued this long without that great support from the schools."
The winners of the various events include:
5th grade girls 40 yard dash: Avalynn Cantrell, first, Abby Pemberton, second, Joyce Dong, third, Laila Hodge, fourth.
4th grade girls 40 yard dash: Laynie Taylor, first, Allana Lawrence, second, Tiffany Hargrove third, Mylie Roser, fourth, Bailey Laughlin, fifth.
3rd grade girls 40 yard dash: Elizabeth Middleton, first, Angela Boswell, second, Jaylen Scott, third, Brittany Brewer, fourth, Brooke Bailey, fifth.
2nd grade girls 40 yard dash: Avery Perez, first, Mylee Shaddix, second, Keeleigh Lawrence, third, Shayla Soucy, fourth.
1st Grade girls 40 yard dash: Kamryn Baughman, first, Kynlee Wynne, second, Macie Wells, third, Savanna Minyard, fourth, Bella McManus, fifth.
1st grade boys 40 yard dash: Kasen Sperry, first, Shaun Painter, second, Japhen Travis, third, Landon Wright, fourth, Samuel Jones, fifth.
2nd grade boys 40 yard dash: Javier Thomas, first, Kaleb Berryhill, second, Ross Fowler, third, Terry Gilmore, fourth, Ty Goodner, fifth.
3rd grade boys 40 yard dash: Lane Lesley, first, Tuff Dodge, second.
4th grade boys 40 yard dash: Seth Hudson, first, Boston Morris, second, Jonah Roberts, third, Landon Brewer, fourth, Kaleb Logston, fifth.
5th grade boys 40 yard dash: Isaac Whitlock, first, Johnnie Tillry, second, James George, third, Austin Anderson, fourth.
1st grade girls 60 yard dash: Adelynn Delso, first, Destany Doyle, second, Liberty Kinslow, third, Harlie Seveen, fourth, Gabriella oberts, fifth.
2nd grade girls 60 yard dash: Emma Bear, first, Raylynn Stuart, second, Jayleigh Easter, third, Khloey Coates, fourth, Emilie Tyler, fifth.
3rd grade girls 60 yard dash: Aubrey Macaluso, first, Zoe Boatright, second, Anamaya Lindsay, fourth, Mykah Hott, fifth.
4th grade girls 60 yard dash: Serenity Rex, first, Laura McConnell, second, Anna Kiner, third, Savanna Fleener, fourth, Ericka Pemberton, fifth.
5th grade girls 60 yard dash: Aubrey Morris, first, Casidy Bailey, second, Abbi Dodge, third, CharLee Scott, fourth, Breea Stockholm, fifth.
1st grade boys 60 yard dash: Cade Weaver, first, Meeko McNac, second, Timmy Cantrell, third, E.J. Glover, fourth, Jackson Taylor, fifth.
2nd grade boys 60 yard dash: Braxton Stockholm, first, Sawyer Woods, second, Shaun Smock, third, Mark Roser, fourth.
3rd grade boys 60 yard dash: Shane Chester, first, Aus Brewer, second, Tanner Noyes, third, Gauge Lawrence, fourth, Zayne Marshall, fifth.
4th grade boys 60 yard dash: Blaze Hill, first, Jeremy Thomas, second, Hayzen Dudley, third, marvin Morris, fourth, Riley Okerson, fifth.
5th grade boys 60 yard dash: Bishop Berryhill, first, Brady orman, second, Quaid Bryan, third.
1st grade girls 100 yard dash: Alyssa Hill, first, Elainna Delacal, second, Kyleigh Belso third.
2nd grade girls 100 yard dash: Bella Parker, first, MaKinlee Kelch, second, Violet Layman, third.
3rd grade girls 100 yard dash: Dakota Pierce, first, Grace Pollard, second, Ella Thompson, third, Brylee Smith, fourth.
4th grade girls 100 yard dash: Madalyn Austin, first, Rachel Burden, second, Connie Dong, third.
5th grade girls 100 yard dash: Emily Green, first, Kenleigh Kaler, second, Addy Chavez, third.
1st grade boys 100 yard dash: Jeremiah Nye, first, Traber Jones, second, Logan Sullivan, third, Jason Payne, fourth, Trent Collins, fifth.
2nd grade boys 100 yard dash: Zaelon Hare, first, Asa Hall, second, Cole Kaler, third, Daylyn Thomas, fourth, Cohen Bennett, fifth.
3rd grade boys 100 yard dash: Paxton Johnson, first, Sawyer Harelson, second, Braxton Austin, third.
4th grade boys 100 yard dash: William Perez, first, Mavrix Randleman, second, Hunter Bowdler, third, Jonathan Noyse, fourth, Zander Rempe, fifth.
5th grade boys 100 yard dash: Randy Tillery, first, Robert Soucy, second.
1st grade girls 200 yard dash: Makiya Davis, first, Brooklyn Wright, second, Nora Sweeney, third, Laynie Ray, fourth, Karsyn Goodman, fifth.
2nd grade girls 220 yard dash: Saige Corn, first, Kyla Bear, second, McKenzie Cantrell, third, Olivia Craig, fourth, Olivia Owen, fifth.
4th grade girls 220 yard dash: Stormi Waquie, first, Mia McCarroll, second.
5th grade girls 220 yard dash: Chloe Swearengin, first, Emma Thompson, second, Felecity Burden, third.
1st grade boys 220 yard dash: Brayden Murphy, first, Ryker Fowler, second, Amare Ford, third, Gavin Chamberlain, fourth, Caleb Martin, fifth.
2nd grade boys 220 yard dash: Max Nye, first, Randen Wright, second, Gibson Treagesser, third, Cadyn Gillespie, fourth, Matthew martinez, fifth.
3rd grade boys 220 yard dash: Nakon Johnson, first, Jeffery Webster, second, Tucker McManus, third, Daniel Cope, fourth, Jacob Curtis, fifth.
4th grade boys 220 yard dash: Gavin Williams, first, Cash Faulkner second, Que Kizzie third, Kayden Terry, fourth, Braeden Williams, fifth.
5th grade boys 220 yard dash: Talen Weaver, first, Ben Marinelli, second, Jayson Scott, third, Samuel Fowler, fourth, Michael Ray, fifth.
1st grade girls softball throw: Kynlee Wynne, first, Harleigh Green, second, Savanna Minyard, third, Andrea Smith, fourth, Harleigh Seiber, fifth.
2nd grade girls softball throw: Emma Bear, first, Kyla Bear, second, Saige Corn, third, Jayleigh Easter, fourth, Mylee Shaddiz, fifth.
3rd grade girls softball throw: Jordyn Goodman, first, Brooke Bailey, second, Dakota Pierce, third, Jaylen Scott, fourth, Gracie Pollard, fifth.
4th grade girls softball throw: Allanee Hicks, first, Serenity Rex, second, Allana Lawrence, third, Rachel Burden, fourth, Aaliyah Lindsey, fifth.
5th grade girls softball throw: Chloe Swearengin, first, Addy Chavez, second, Avalynn Cantrell, third, Casidy Bailey, fourth, Aubrey Morris, fifth.
2nd grade girls broad jump: Violet Layman, first, Shayla Soucy, second.
2nd grade boys broad jump: Max Nye first, Javier Thomas, second Kaleb Berryhill, third, Jude Easter, fifth.
3rd grade girls broad jump: Payton Bailey, first, Miley Brinkley, second Elizabeth Middleton, third, Ella Thompson, fourth.
3rd grade boys broad jump: Tuff Dodge first.
4th grade girls broad jump: Madalyn Austin, first, Stormi Waquie, second.
4th grade boys broad jump: Blaze Hill, first, Baylor Thompson, second.
5th grade girls broad jump: Kenliegh Kaler, first, Emma Thompson, second.
1st grade boys soccer kick: Kade Weaver, first, E.J. Glover, second, Shaun Painter, third, Kasen Sperry, fourth, Auztin Busey, fifth.
1st grade girls soccer kick: Liberty Kinslow, first, Macie Wells, second, Bella McManus, third, Kamryn Baughman, fourth, Makayla Durbin, fifth.
2nd grade girls soccer kick: Savanna Pemberton, first, Emily Morton, second, Annabelle Mowdy, third, Antonia Horn, fourth, Keeleigh Lawrence, fifth.
2nd grade boys soccer kick: Brayden Sullivan, first, Sawyer Woods, second, Braxton Stockholm, third, Cadyn Gillespie, fourth, Beckett Williams, fifth.
3rd grade girls soccer kick: Gigi Scott, first, Makayla Morton, second, Dixie Smith, third.
4th grade girls soccer kick: Savanna Fleener, first, Anna Kiner, second, Connie Dong, third, KoriKay Stidman, fourth, Mylie Roser, fifth.
4th grade boys soccer kick: Mavrix Randleman, first, William Perez, second, Boston Morris, third, Jonah Roberts, fourth, Connor Matlock, fifth.
3rd grade boys soccer kick: Lane Lesley, first, Paxton Johnson, second, Gauge Lawrence, third.
5th grade girls soccer kick: Liberty Easter, first, CharLee Scott, second, Abbi Dodge, third, Breea Stockholm, fourth, Emily Green, fifth.
3rd grade girls high jump: Zoe Boatright, first, Bayliegh Wolfe, second, Aubrey Macaluso, third, Angela Boswell, fourth, Brittany Brewer, fifth.
2nd grade girls high jump: Bella Parker, first, McKenzie Cantrell, second, Khloey Coates, third, Heaven Cope, fourth, Olivia Craig, fifth.
2nd grade boys high jump: Zaelon Hare, first, Cohen Bennett, second, Terry Gilmore, third, Cole Kaler, fourth, Ross Fowler, fifth.
3rd grade boys high jump: Shane Chester, first, Daniel Cope, second, Jordan Byrd, third, Jacob Curtis, fourth, Braxton Austin, fifth.
4th grade girls high jump: Taney Taylor, first, Retha Brown, second.
4th grade boys high jump: Kayden Terry, first, Tyler Henderson, second, Landon Brewer, third.
3rd grade boys football throw: Nakona Johnson, first, Aus Brewer, second, Zayne Marshall, third, Tucker McManus, fourth, Jeffery Webster, fifth.
2nd grade boys football throw: Randen Wright, first, Shaun Green, second, Dalyn Thomas, third.
1st grade boys football throw: Mekko McNac, first, Brayden Murphy, second, Gavin chamberlain, third, Jackson Taylor, fourth, Jeremiah Nye, fifth.
4th grade boys football throw: Cash Faulkner first, Hunter Bowdler, second, Gavin Williams, third, Riley Okerson, fourth, Hayzen Dudley, fifth.
2nd grade relay winner: Laura Morris Class.
3rd grade relay winner: Breann Greenhaw Class.
4th grade relay winner: Molly Gillispie Class.