There are some children that require more help getting through life and studying in class.
Henrietta third grade teacher Beatriz Garcia Hodge has found a program that is helping those youngsters. Its as simple as throwing a ball, passing a bean bag and balancing on a rocking board.
Speaking to the Henryetta Lions Tuesday, Hodge showed off the program produced by Bal-A-Vis-X.
She said she discovered the program last year at a workshop and instantly became a fan.
The program hits a nerve because her daughter Laila, has problems communicating and dealing with other people.
Hodge purchased the equipment, a specially designed board with moveable rockers and set of balls and bean bags.
Within a few days of use, Laila showed marked improvement.Encouraged by that, Hodge took the equipment to school and made it available for other students.
“One boy was withdrawn and would barely talk,” she said. “After several days, he opened up and now he is at the point where he comes to me and asks to use the board and balls.”
The rockers on the board requires the child to constantly be concentrating on balance as well as repeating the series of exercises. Those include passing a bean bag back and forth in a series of specific routines.
“It makes the neurons in the brain fire and create new pathways,” Hodge said. She explained that brings about changes in the child making them capable of better studying and working with other students.
Bal-A-Vis-X is the brainchild of Bill Hulbert. He goes around the country working with groups and teachers to increase their students’ abilities.
grantThe cost of the program is not cheap. A three-day session is $175 per person for teachers. The boards are $150 each.
More information about Bal-A-Vis-X can be found at:
Both the cost of the equipment and training for two additional Henryetta teachers will be underwritten by the Lions Club following a vote by members at the end of the presentation.
At the meeting Tuesday, new club president Grant Jenson received the Lion of the Year award. Ashley Morris was recognized with the Cub of the year plaque.ashley