Henryetta Rotarians took a tour of the Tyrol region in northern Italy Wednesday.
Brad Sellers, son of Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Sellers who was raised in Henryetta, will be returning to the Tyrol in a few weeks to start teaching English.
He presented a powerpoint tour of the region including the history from it’s origins with the Habsburg rulers from 1200 to today.
Originally part of Austria, the Tyrol was ceded to Italy at the end of World War One through secret negotiations between the Allies and Italy.
When Benito Mussolini came to power following the war, it declared it a conquered country and forced the residents to give up the German language and even change their names to reflect their Italian annexation.
“Today it is considered a natural playground,” Sellers told the Rotarians. he showed photos of the various outdoor sports including skiing, mountain climbing and hang gliding.
The region was used in one of the Chevy Chase “Vacation” movies where the family was touring Germany. “This was considered more scenic,” he said.
Sellers, his wife Monika, and daughters, Ann-Sophie, Marie Noelle and Madeline,live in Stertzen and he was even able to point out their home to the Rotary members.
His children attend school there and, because of the centuries-long affiliation with the Germanic people conflicting with the Italian annexation, had to choose whether to go to a German or Italian school. They elected to attend the German school since they already speak the language. “They are required to study Italian in each grade,” he said.
The family enjoys the varous activities available in the area and the two oldest girls, Ann-Sophie and Marie-Noelle, have been involved in some snow ski competitions. Most notably, they participated in a "Baby Championship," event. See more about that contest HERE.
Sellers will be teaching adults the English language in the city of Bozen. He said the class will be comprised mainly of business people since, “English is the most universal language.”
Sellers has been in Europe for a number of years. Following graduation from HHS he has worked for the federal government in a variety of roles including the CIA and with NATO.
With him at the Wednesday meeting were his sister Sue Ann Blair and her daughter Sailor along with his mother and father. Dr. Sellers has been a long-time member of the Henryetta Rotary.

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