For a time it appeared as though the HHS Lady Knights would blank the alumni Saturday night as they ran up an early commanding lead.
That turned around in the fifth and sixth innings when home runs by Makayla Wallace and Alyssa Taylor put hope back in the alumni dugout.
Prior to the three-run homer by Wallace and two-run blast by Taylor, the Lady Knights had a 17-2 lead.
Finally in the last few innings, the alumni players decided they wanted to add to their defensive abilities by throwing a 10-person outfield into play. The game ended with the Lady Knights ahead 19-16
Adding some spice to the game was the fifth-inning break that saw some of the fathers show off their batting prowess after spinning around a bat several times. Another break allowed everyone who vie for some t-shirts and an all sports pass. All that was required was to either get in a 5-gallon bucket locted in center field or get close to it by throwing a softball from outside the park.
All in all, the evening was a great time for everyone and brought some extra funds to the HHS softball coffers. Those funds will be used to help the HHS team defray expenses throughout the season.
"I want to thank everyone who came to watch and those who participated in the events Saturday night Your support is always welcomed by our girls," said coach Ryan Swallow.