Sheldon Starr and Ann Jackson were hostesses for the September 18 meeting of the Okemah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah. The tables were beautifully decorated with patriotic pictures and décor commemorating Constitution Week, which is celebrated each year from September 17-23.
dar womenAfter Regent Rebecca Hold led the opening ritual, flag salute, and the National Anthem, member Judith Drennan presented a most interesting program entitled, “The Miracle at Philadelphia,” which told of the many personal trials and tribulations surrounding the writing of the Constitution and the brave and intelligent men who wrote it. The final draft produced by these brave men is kept in a sealed case along with the Declaration of Independence. This case is on permanent display at the National Archives, Washington, D.C. At night both are lowered below the ground and locked in a vault to guard them from vandalism and/or violence. They shout to a violent world our intent to be free. This Constitution is the oldest written constitution still in active use. Under it we have progressed from a fledgling nation in the throes of death to the strongest, wealthiest, and most advanced society the world has known. If the freedoms and convictions of our form of government, as set forth by these two documents, are in reality to be preserved, they must be sealed and locked in the minds and hearts of the American people.
Regent Hold and Chaplain Susan Barnett proudly welcomed and gave the Oath of Allegiance to new member, Dorothy Haynes. She was presented with single long-stemmed rose, her new yearbook, and a welcome packet from the Chapter.
Regent Hold and Chaplain Barnett honored Thelma Shields for 10 years of dedication and service as a DAR member. She was presented with a single rose and a beautiful engraved 10 year anniversary certificate from the National Society in Washington, DC.
October 11 is DAR National Day of Service, the anniversary date of DAR’s founding, and the chapter discussed the project of working an old cemetery and putting markers on unmarked veterans’ graves.
After the closing of the meeting several members were delighted to win door prizes consisting of beautiful patriotic items donated by the hostesses.
The next meeting will be October 16 at 11:30 a.m. at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah. Hostesses will be Ruth Newport and Laura Newport. This meeting will be very special as we will be welcoming and honoring our new Oklahoma State Regent, Sue Suthers Allen. Regent Allen will present her program, “Harvesting for Veterans,” her theme for her administration. She will be bringing her sales table of DAR items—state jewelry, the state scarf, and lovely hats. The Okemah Chapter welcomes all prospective members to our meetings and will assist anyone interested in joining. Please call Rebecca Hold at 918-650-5466 for information.
Members present Geneva Bertges, Judi Drennan, Dorothy Burden, Susan Barnett, Velda Jo Bradley, Sherrie Case, Mary June Cashman, Thelma Shields, Dorothy Haynes, Yvonne Sowder, Angela J. Polk, Lucretia Harkey, Ruth Newport, June Yahola, the hostess Sheldon Starr, Rebecca Hold, and guests Carla Schooling, and Linda Beverly. –Rebecca Hold, Regent and Publicity Chairman of the Okemah Chapter of DAR