Thursday afternoon was a bittersweet time for six members of the Henryetta high school baseball team.
They easily defeated the Haskell Haymakers but that was also the last time they would play in front of a hometown crowd during the regular season.
Senior night recognized those six seniors prior to the start of the game.
They included:
D.J. Jones is the son of Jennifer Jones and grandson of Liz Jones and Glenn jones.
He has played baseball for the past four years and plans to go to college following graduation.
Kiley Johnson is the son of Jeremy Johnson and Marnae Summers and grandson of Allen and Linda Johnson.
He has played baseball for four years, football for three years and basketball for four years.
Following graduation he intends to go to college on a rodeo scholarship.
Devin Longan is the son of Elaine Byrd and the late Michael Longan and grandson of Amelia and George Gamblen.
He has been on the HHS baseball team for two years, football team four years and played basketball two years.
Eric Gray is the son of Gerry and Pam Gray.
He has played football for four years and baseball for a year.
Cole Thompson is the son of Candi Thompson and Wendell Thompson. His grandparents are Audie and Carlyn Cole and Annette and Don Thompson.
He has been a member of the golf team for two years and baseball manager team manager for two years.
Jayme Levine-Matthews is the son of Justin and Jennifer Keightley.
He has been on the baseball team for year, played football four years, basketball two years, track three years and soccer one year.

Baseball seniors:
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