tumble team

Part of the McIntosh TUmbling competition team traveled to Texas this weekend to compete in the Texas Mega Meet. “They had some tough competition and did amazing,” said coach Katie Thompson. Those placing included:
Lucas Thompson: 1st place Double mini and 1st place Trampoline
Raynee Howell: 1st Double Mini, 2nd Trampoline and 4th on Floor
Lanie Guynes: 1st Trampoline, 2nd Double Mini and 4th Floor
Veronica Ramsey: 2nd on floor, 3rd Trampoline, and 4th on Double Mini
Macee Smart: 1st on floor, 1st Double mini and 7th on Trampoline
Haley Glass: 2nd on Trampoline, 5th on Double mini and 4th on floor
Rowdy Williams: 1st on floor, 1st on Double mini and 4th on Trampoline
Lexi Perish: 3rd Trampoline, 3rd floor and 4th double mini
Marli Richmond: 2nd double mini and 2nd trampoline
Ariana Hernandez: 2nd on Double mini and 4th on Trampoline
Alexis Schell: 7th Tramp, 6th floor, and 7th double mini
Rachael Dunn: 3rd on Trampoline, 4th on Double mini
Jordyn Hollis: 2nd double mini, 1st floor, and 3rd trampoline.