By Rebecca Hold,
Regent and Publicity Chairman
Mary June Cashman and Velda Bradley were hostesses for the February 25 meeting of the Okemah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah.
The tables were beautifully decorated with pictures and figurines representing George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in celebration of President’s Day.
After Regent Rebecca Hold led the opening ritual, flag salute, The American’s Creed, the Preamble to the Constitution, and the National Anthem.
Hold gave the program, “Trees Have Played Dramatic Roles in America’s History,” which highlighted famous trees in American history: the Charter Oak in Hartford, CT in which the Connecticut Charter was hidden from the British; the McGuffey Elm on the campus of Ohio University named for the publisher of the McGuffey Readers; the Washington Elm under which George Washington took command of the American Army on July 3, 1776; the 283 year-old Treaty Tree under which William Penn made a treaty with the Indians for friendship and peace; the Napoleon Weeping Willow which stands near George Washington’s tomb, and many other huge and very old trees that played a part in American history.
Okemah chapter members are excited to have three new members approved: Rachel Pate, granddaughter of member Linda Hampton; Elizabeth Bradley, granddaughter of Velda Bradley, and Madeline Harris, granddaughter of Rebecca Hold.
Amber and AprilTwo guests, Amber Ott and April Jorgensen of Okemah, prospective members who turned in their applications for approval, were welcomed to the chapter. Coleen Hatch, April’s daughter, will be submitting her application also. If these applicants are approved, our chapter will have 51 members.
Plans were completed for the March 13 Naturalization Ceremony at the Riverfield Country Day School. Six members volunteered to make cookies and the chapter will furnish small flags and bookmarks for the 30 to 40 newly sworn in American citizens. Okemah chapter has at least nine Daughters representing and welcoming these new citizens.
Hostesses Cashman and Bradley conducted the drawing for the door prizes which were won by Susan Barnett, Thelma Shields, Rebecca Hold, Lucretia Harkey, and Patricia Funchess.
The next meeting will be at 11:30 March 19 at Pepino’s Restaurant in Okemah. Susan Barnett will present the program, “Margaret Corbin’s (also known as Molly Pitcher) Legacy Lives On,” and hostesses will be Sherrie Case and Norma White.
Persons who are interested in joining the DAR chapter are encouraged to come and attend our meetings or call Regent Hold at 918-650-5466 or Registrar Bradley at 918-623-1550 for questions or help in proving an ancestor.
The meeting was adjourned by Regent Hold, and the following were in attendance: Sherrie Case, Thelma Shields, Patricia Funchess, Rebecca Hold, Judith Drennan, June Yahola, Lucretia Harkey, Geneva Bertges, Dorothy Burden, Susan Barnett, Ruth Newport, guests Amber Ott and April Jorgensen, and the hostesses Mary June Cashman and Velda Bradley.