For 90 minutes Saturday night, Henryettan Liz Bealko entertained with a series of songs at the high school auditorium designed to encourage students to, “Find their Light.”.liz 1
Bealko, a professional singer and stage personality in New York, is directing the Henryetta Performing Arts Student Association (PASA) with the third musical, “Zombie Prom.” It is scheduled to be performed in April at the school auditorium.
Before nearly 100 people Saturday, Bealko told how she has always wanted to be on the stage. She said she wanted to be a part of the musicals that were held at the high school when she was a student. From here, she went to Oklahoma State University then to New York.
Bealko told of her casting auditions but told how she believes in fighting to make the parts.
Along the way, she learned of the death of a friend, Petty Officer Tony Randolph. “I draw strength from his memory,” she said.
The PASA members received praise for their efforts in making the musicals possible in the past two years. “They are an inspiring and wonderful group. I want them to know that, if they have a dream to go for it, fight for it.”