Henryetta tumblers captured four national championship honors this weekend.
Competing in the US Tumbling Association Nationals, Haley Glass was crowned national champ in both the novice tumbling and sub-advanced double mini contest.
Memphis Black was the champion in sub-advanced boys double mini and Emma Harrison won her novice tumbling category.
As a team, the McIntosh Tumblers took third place overall in Beginner double mini and sub advanced tumbling.
“I am proud of how our team did,” said coach Katie Morgan. “They went to Charleston West Virginia, a venue that brought the best tumblers from across America, and performed their hearts out.”
Individual contest results included:
Memphis Black, fifth out of 10 Advanced Trampoline, second out of 8 Sub Advanced Tumbling.
Raynee Howell, second out of 50 Sub Advanced Double Mini, fifth out of 36 Intermediate Trampoline, 13th out of 50 Intermediate Tumbling
Rowdy Williams, eighth out of 10 Advanced Trampoline, seventh Sub Advanced Tumbling,
Konner Hayes, seventh out of 13 Novice
Trampoline, sixth out of 8 Beginner Double mini
Alexis Thompson, 27th out of 43 Intermediate Double mini
Lexi Parish, 15th out of 46 sub Novice Tumbling, 15th out of 27 Novice Trampoline, 9th out of 18 Intermediate Double mini.
Jordyn Hollis, seventh out of 27 Novice Trampoline, 16th out of 38 Sub Novice Tumbling, 14th out of 43 Intermediate Double mini
Marli Richmond, third out of 36 Novice Trampoline, third out of 30 Novice Double mini.
Rachael Dunn, 16th out of 43 Novice Trampoline, 17th out of 59 Sub Novice Tumbling, third out of 45 Novice Double mini.
Ariana Hernandez, 30th out of 57 Novice Trampoline, 26th out of 51 Novice Double mini.
Kailee Britt, 22nd out of 52 Sub Novice Tumbling, fifth out of 51 Novice Double mini.
Lucas Thompson, fifth Beginner Double Mini, third Beginner Trampoline
Adalee Ward, 25th out of 47 Beginner Double mini, 27th out of 30 Beginner Trampoline.
Lanie Guynes, 14th out of 42 Novice Tumbling, fourth out of 36 Intermediate Trampoline, 12th out of 37 Intermediate Double mini
Emma Harrison, 26th our of 42 Intermediate Double mini
Haley Glass, sixth out of 9 Sub Advanced Trampoline
Kaden Hayes, 10th open Elite Double Mini