After a small drop in July, the sales tax numbers rose again for Henryetta in August.
This month the city received $238,653 from the state tax commission, a gain of $1,219 above last year. That followed on the heels of the first decline in sales tax returns in July after a 19-month series of gains.jan august sales taxes
The state-refunded use tax for Henryetta amounted to $24,459.02, up significantly from the $7,320.92 a year ago.
While Henryetta had a gain, other communities in the area reported losses. Okmulgee dropped from $530,435 last year to $509,619 this month.
Beggs was down just $655; Dewar declined $519; Morris was down $1,622; Okemah reported a $6,756 drop and Weleetka came up $3,206 short of matching last year’s total.
The return to Okmulgee County was up $77,021 with a check for $376,178 compared to the $299,156 last year.
Statewide, the disbursement of $158,951,388 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $12,168 from the $158,939,220 distributed to the cities and towns in August last year.