Two Henryetta police officers and two firemen were honored Tuesday night for helping save a life at a fire and delivering a baby.
Lt. Robert Heath, Sgt. Brandon England, and fireman Austin Coble were the first to a July house fire on Merrick. “They did something that was very heroic,” said police chief Steve Norman. He said two children told officers their mother was still inside. Unable to enter through the front door, Heath and England entered through a side door and were able to pull the victim out of the house despite choking, black smoke.
Coble was praised for his efforts to resusiate the woman, spending a number of minutes to revive here. “She was in really bad condition when we got her out of the house. Austin went above and beyond what would be expected.”
Norman said the victim, a longtime nurse in Henryetta, has been hospitalized and her condition is improving.
Fire Chief David Bullard explained Coble is a national registered EMT. “We are a small community. It takes every one of us to do our job to protect our community. It wasn’t just the police or just the fire, it took everyone. We would like to honor these officers and firemen.”
Fireman Chris Sneed was honored for his efforts helping deliver a baby several weeks ago.
Bullard said the expectant mother had called for an ambulance but tried to get to the hospital before medical help could arrive.
He said firemen were going to the scene and found the woman out of a car about two blocks from the house in the middle of delivering a baby. “This was the second time in two months that Chris was called to deliver a baby,” the fire chief said. “These guys are working to better themselves every day.”