Only minor injuries were reported in a spectacular crash that closed down part of Interstate 40 and the Indian Nation Turnpike for over seven hours Monday afternoon. truck crash
According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troopers the accident was caused when a driver came onto the highway from a ramp failing to yield to the semi. The truck driver lost control of his rig causing it to rip up guard rails before crashing through the edge of the westbound bridge. The cab of the truck dangled precariously just a few feet above the northbound lanes of the Indian Nation Turnpike. The driver of the truck was able to get out of his rig without injury.
A vehicle heading north on the turnpike was struck with flying debris causing only minor injuries to that driver.
Both highways were covered with debris from the impact of the wreck. A forklift that was being hauled by the semi broke free of its restraints and wound up on the north side of the interstate.
fire crewMotorists heading west on I-40 found themselves in the middle of a nearly six-mile-long backup. Traffic was routed through Henryetta until the interstate could be cleared.
While that accident was being dealt with, Henryetta fire crews were called to a burning RV just a couple of miles east of the intersection that closed down the eastbound traffic lane for over an hour.