Okmulgee County sheriff Eddy Rice said the premature release of a drug arrest in Henryetta has seriously damaged a much larger investigation.
“This was lots more than just one person being arrested,” he said, speaking about the apprehension of Brandis Nicole Fish Monday.brandis fish
The 36-year-old Fish was taken into custody after a search warrant had been served at her home in the north part of town.
Sheriff’s deputies said they found 187 grams or just over 6.5 ounces of a substance believed to be methamphetamine in the home. That was estimated to have a street value of nearly $4,000.
She was booked into the Okmulgee County jail on a complaint of trafficking 20 grams or more of meth.
“We were building a case against several other individuals and wanted to keep as much of the information out of the public eye,” Rice said. “That case is blown now.”
The Monday arrest was said to have been connected with an arrest of Schulter resident Danny Joe Earhart. County officers arrested him at his home for drug trafficking. He has since bonded out of jail. Fish is being held on a $100,000 bond.
According to Okmulgee County investigator Aaron Swayze, over 20 grams of meth was recovered from the home.
Swayze said officers are still trying to continue their investigation into the two cases and find out if more individuals are involved.