Update to the story: The truck was owned by a Henryetta man who has since died. According to police, he used it to transport travel trailers cross country and found it was missing from his home in the late 1990s. 

For the first time in over 20 years, sunlight beamed through the windshield of a pickup Monday morning.
The truck, a 1993 GMC Sierra, was pulled from the muddy depths of Jim Hall lake as nearly a dozen Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen and onlookers watched.
Henryetta police said the truck once belonged to an area resident but were unable to provide any information about the circumstances as to how it wond up submerged in some ten feet of water. Police had to use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to find the previous owner since the license tag was not on the truck.sonar
A fisherman using his sonar equipment spotted the ghostly image of the truck last week and reported it to police. The vehicle was still on it's wheels about 200 feet from shore. "We believe the truck has been in the lake around 20 years," said police chief Steve Norman.
The OHP dive team was contacted and marked the location Friday with a buoy. Monday, officers attached a chain and cable to the truck and slowly it was wrenched from the mud. When it was on dry land, the bed of the pickup had nearly a foot of thick, cloying mud covering it. The inside was also a brown, wet and muddy mess although the ignition key was found on the seat just below the steering wheel. Surprisingly, the burgundy paint job was still in relatively good condition.
Henryetta fire department members used the Jaws of Life to pry open the driver's side door since both door handles were inoperative. A further investigation into the contents of the interior had to be delayed until the mud could be removed.
Once the truck was on dry land, the OHP dive team headed to Lake Eufaula where they had another vehicle to recover. The crew recovered a van from a pond near Haskell this past week.