The Hillcrest Henryetta vaccine clinic will reopen Friday Feb. 19.
“We didn’t want to force patients, many of whom are older, into the nasty weather and possibly put them at risk for falls and auto accidents,” said Dee Renshaw, Hillcrest Henryetta CEO.
Starting next week, the clinic will run two clinics simultaneously with plans to vaccinate over 960 individuals, mostly second doses.
Hillcrest Henryetta has vaccinated more than 1,700 individuals since opening the vaccine clinic on Jan. 5. On Feb. 3, the clinic began administering second doses and maintains a vaccine reserve to ensure supply for second doses. The clinic is subject to vaccine availability from the state who has been helpful in getting additional supply.
In first week of March, the clinic is turning its attention to teachers.
“The governor has asked that all teachers be vaccinated by March 5 for those who want be vaccinated,” Renshaw said. “We will coordinate the teacher vaccines through the respective school superintendents.”
The vaccine clinic is located at 1924 W. Main. Individuals can schedule first-dose appointments at 918-650-1314.
“This is a tremendous service to our community and I am very grateful to all those involved,” Renshaw said.