water tank

The City of Henryetta is working non stop to get water restored to each and every customer. The water treatment plant operators are still in the process of filling tanks and performing full plant maintenance in preparation for the upcoming recharging of water to all of the system.
We are on track to begin this task at 6 a.m. Monday, Feb. 22 morning. It will require ALL of us to help spotting leaks at residential and or commercial. PLEASE Check around your house and your neighbors or ANY business for any unusual running water.
The crews will be going meter to meter checking for high usage and shutting them off to help preserve the water to the citizens until owners have an opportunity to make the appropriate repairs.
The city of Henryetta water maintenance crews and all other city departments available will be addressing any mainline problems that arise. It is URGENT that citizens report any water breaks they encounter ANYWHERE to (918)652-3106 immediately with an address of the concern.
The City if Henryetta plans to restore services rapidly So we are putting a VOLUNTARY BOIL ORDER in place and asking for EVERY customers to boil ANY and ALL water before consumption. The city of Henryetta is requesting you boil water until further notice pending all water testing results are finalized to ensure the safety when consuming the water.
The City of Henryetta is working 24 hours a day and will continue to do so to provide the services we offer during an unfortunate natural disaster!
The rural water will be restored as soon as possible after the City of Henryetta is safely operating and able to provide the much needed services to all water customers