Almost 3,000 people will be fully vaccinated at Hillcrest Henryetta hospital by mid-April.
The vaccine clinic has already administered nearly 2,700 first doses of the vaccine including 190 of the one-shot Janssen vaccine. According to hospital administrator Dee Renshaw, there have been 1,933 people who have received the second shot and another 600 vaccinations of the second shot are scheduled in the next two weeks.
“Demand has softened and the hostel reduced its clinic to one day per week,” Renshaw said. That is currently being held on Thursday but may be changing to Wednesday appointments.
He said the hospital has about 660 modern doses and 210 Janssen vaccine doses win the current inventory. Anyone who wants the vaccination above the age of 18 can receive it.
The vaccine clinic is located at 1924 W. Main. Individuals may schedule appointments at 918-650-1314.
The hospital started vaccinations Jan. 5 but closed for about two weeks due to the extreme cold weather in February.