Several city citations were issued following a high-speed chase by Henryetta police.
According to police chief Steve Norman the pursuit started when police officer Paul Brown, jr., saw a vehicle leaving what was said to be a “Known drug area.”
“The driver committed several traffic violations before turning onto Tenth Street and going south,” the chief said.
When officer Brown tried to stop the vehicle, it sped off resulting in a chase that went down State Highway 124 sometimes reaching speeds over 100 MPH.
The vehicle turned off onto John Artussee Road then back onto a dirt road before pulling off the roadway
The driver of the car and three occupants jumped out of the vehicle and tried to escape into the thick underbrush. Officer Brown was able to catch up to the driver and placed him into custody.
“We believe there were drugs in the car because the officer could see several items being thrown out of the windows during the chase,” Norman said.
Because the driver was a Native American, he was issued several city citations including attempting to elude. The juveniles were cited for obstructing an officer because they ran from the vehicle.