Every United States veteran is entitled to a bronze marker when they die. Those markers are ordered by the funeral homes handling the service then provided to the family to be ultimately placed on the graves of those veterans.
markerMembers of the Henryetta VFW and American Legion honor those veterans each Memorial Day by placing an American flag next to those makers. This year when the flags were taken to the Hoffman cemetery, it was found those bronze plaques were placed wrong or just laid on the ground.
“We want to make sure our veterans are honored and want those makers to be set the right way,” said VFW commander Bill Goodner.
He and several other veterans went to the cemetery to make sure they had a complete accounting for the veterans laid to rest there and to see how those markers could be set properly.
Goodner was quick say that there was no blame to be given for the way the plaques were displayed. “We know a lot of these smaller cemeteries operate on minimal funds, or no funds. We just want to make sure they are set the right way.”
He said plans call for VFW members and volunteers to come to the cemetery to prepare a concrete form and set the plaques.
“We are going to see how much is involved including the cost and, at that time we may be looking for some donations to help with this project.”