Henryetta set a new record this month.
The final sales tax check for the 2020-2021 fiscal year was a positive one and gave the town a total of $3,141,471. That was the highest ever total in sales tax receipts and was $291,277 ahead of the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The June check from the Tax Commission was $43,131 higher than the June 2020 check.
Also broken was the fiscal year totals for the use tax distribution to Henryetta. This fiscal year the town received $343,968. That was up from the $280,868 received last year and was a new benchmark in collections.
Neighboring Dewar also came up on the positive side for the month and fiscal year.
The June check of $15,290 was $4,592 ahead of last year and helped end the fiscal year with $176,906. That was well ahead of the $136,697 from the 2019-2020 fiscal year.
Around the area, only one community, Beggs, showed a decline. The June check of $39,998 was lower than the $47,250 received a year ago.
The June 2021 distribution of sales tax collections by the Oklahoma Tax Commission primarily represents local tax receipts from April business.
Statewide, the disbursement of $183,157,926 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $40,826,490 from the $142,331,436 distributed in June last year. The use tax disbursement to cities and towns was $24,521,257.

Sales tax returns for area communities:

Beggs $39,998 $47,250
Checotah $488,313 $428,659
Eufaula $234,794 $183,561
Morris $21,534 $20,415
Okemah $119,801 $112,150
Okmulgee $663,196 $561,924
Weleetka $18,295 $15,166