Once again Henryetta reported a gain in sales tax collections.
The state check is based on July sales and amounted to $275,674 this year. That was a $27,287 increase from the September 2020 return. It marked the sixth time this year the city has seen an increase in recepts.
At the same time, the city received $29,183 in revenue from use tax collections. That was a $2,000 gain from a year ago and the sixteenth consecutive increase in receipts.
Around the area, Dewar had a $2,489 increase with a check for $15,669; Okmulgee received $$523,704 that was up $49,715 from last year; Okemah $125,767 this year compared to $114,589 a year ago; Morris $25,816, a gain of $2,366; Beggs $37,948 compared to $3 7,683 a year ago, Checotah $436,599 for a $12,000 gain and Eufaula 4265,009 a gain of $46,213 from a year ago. Weleetka had the only decline with $13,736 compared to $16,239 a year ago.
Statewide, the disbursement of $184,311,264 in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $22,121,601 from the $162,189,663 distributed to the cities and towns in September last year.