Construction of the QuikTrip store at the east end of Main Street is on schedule with a May, 2022 opening date.
That was the word form Aisha Jefferson-Smith when she spoke to members of the Henryetta Rotary Club this week.
She said the company will start taking applications some 90 days prior to opening and all employees will be going through a trainingg program. The program will vary in length depending upon the job the person is hired for.
first QT storeSmith provided Rotarians with a history of the Tulsa-based company starting with the first store in 1958. It opened as a small grocery store by Burt Holmes and Chester Cadieux.
By 1967 there were 43 stores in Oklahoma. The following year QuikTrip ranked out of state with a store in Missouri.
Now QuikTrip has over 800 stores with some of those operating as convenience stores only.





qt layout

Artist conception of the Henryetta store layout.