Drug addicts in the Henryetta area are going to feel the impact of a traffic stop and drug bust Wednesday.
Henryetta police pulled over a vehicle driven by Bobby Shane Thomas, an Okemah resident, and wound up with a major haul of hard drugs.bobby shane thomas
drugs shownThis was the second time Thomas wound up with Henryetta handcuffs. Local police arrested him in April and charged him with four drug violations as well as carrying a firearm after conviction of a felony and in a stolen vehicle.
This time police found a large amount of marijuana as well as methamphetamine and cocaine along with a set of scales, pistol and a large amount of cash.
“We know he is a major supplier to the drug crowd in the area and this is going to put a crimp in the illegal drugs immediately available here,” said police chief Steve Norman.
He said Thomas was already facing similar charges and has been arrested several times for felonies.
In 1887 he was sentenced to five years in prison in Okfuskee County for burglary then put in a New Mexico prison in 2007 for nine years for trafficking a controlled substance.
For the April offenses, he was due back in Okmulgee district court July 12.
“This is a large amount of heavy narcotics that you usually don’t find unless they are in the hands of a big supplier,” Norman said. The drugs have been taken to the OSBI crime lab for testing.