tues fire

A space hearter malfunction was believed to have been the cause of a fire that caused significant damage to a house in Henryetta Tuesday morning.
Firemen were called to the house on South Fourth Street around 9 a.m. When they arrived theiy found the home engulfed in smoke and the fire contained to the one bedroom. The occupants of the house escaped but a dog died from smoke inhalation 
"This is the second fire we have had in the past several weeks that was started by a space heater," said fire chief David Bullard. "There was no gas service to the house."
"Those heater draw a lot of electricity and too often people have a lightweight extension cord hooked to them. That can result in the extension cord melting and ignighting the carpet or anything nearby."
He urged people to use a heavy duty extension cord  for their space heaters but also pointed out they are not meant to be a substitute for a gas stove or central heating unit.
"At the same time, people need to make sure there is nothing flammable around the space heaters no matter how long they have the turned on," he added.