The high school golf hitting facility in Henryetta is in use now.
Students are using the indoor building located next to the softball field to hone their skills in preparation for the start of golf season this coming spring.
At the school board meeting Monday night Dutch Vandenborn presented a video showing the students practicing their putting as well as driving skills.
He said the building has a putting area with a real simulated green that was built using sand and gravel base providing a realistic surface..
He explained the school used funds from the Troy Aikman Henryetta Live program as well as some $20,000 raised by the Henryetta golf chip-in club to build the facility.
"Students can set their tees in the open garage doors to hit outside. We will set up targets this spring," he said. When the weather is too cold, nets are across the doors and students hit into them.
Vandenborn said there are plans to get a simulator that will show the students the path of their ball and give information on their swing.
"This is a joint effort between the school and the chip-in club. When it is finished it will be a state of the art facility. No one our size will have one."
So far the building cost has reached $57,273 and board member Pam Bealko said the original project cost was $40,000. Vandenborn said the project was delayed a year and materials cost have increased as well as a decision to put in restrooms.
"We were going to have the students go to the softball building to use the rest rooms," he said.
That part of the project calls for water and sewer lines to be run to the building which were not included in the original plans.
In other business, the board paid the final bill of $299,935 for the new road surface stretching from Warren Road to the grade school.
The final part of asphalt was put down over the Christmas holidays.
Board members declined to accept a single bid for new security camera upgrades. Only one bid was received and the project will be re-bid with a February opening scheduled.
A $12,000 year salary increase was approved for superintendent Dwayne Noble.
Bronco Achoa was hired as a cook for the school for the remainder of the school year.